Pythara Waterfalls in Andros

A place straight out of a fairy tale

Pythara Falls in Andros is located in Apikia, ten minutes away from the road. To get there you will have to walk through a path, full of vegetation.

Pythara Falls – A fairytale route

The route predisposes you to the beauty you will encounter in the ‘Fairyland’ as folklore calls it. Also, its abundant waters run rushing and create a stunning habitat. Waterfalls and lakes form in the lush green landscape where aquatic life abounds. The springs are on Mount Petalo, in the area of Evrousies, and the estuary is on the beach of Gialia.

A dream out of a fairy tale with elves and enchanted forests is the only way to describe the Fairyland. Only if you walk, smell, bathe, experience this magical place, dismiss the waters and listen to the cicadas you are going to feel what cannot be easily described in words.

Pythara Falls is a small ecosystem for many birds and amphibians. In addition, rare species of plants and wildflowers grow all along the gully. Pythara is used for the irrigation of fields and from 1863 to 1936 its waters powered the largest water mill in the Balkans, the “Fabrica” just below in the village of Stenia. Finally, Pythara Falls is a destination that is not reminiscent of the Cyclades and will be unforgettable.


Apikia, Andros


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