How to get to Andros, Greece

Here you will find all the information you need on how to get to Andros, the beautiful and unique island of the Cyclades. The island of Andros is located in the northern part of the island’s Cycladic complex. Also, it is located 37 nautical miles from Attica and the port of Rafina. Geologically it appears on the northern edge as a natural continuation of Evia with which, a long time ago, it was united in one piece of land (narrow Kavo Doro). Finally, at the southern end, there is the Andros – Tinos passage in which the distance that separates the two islands is less than a mile.

How to get to Andros Island

Andros is connected with Attica from the port of Rafina and the journey takes only 2 hours with a conventional ship. There are daily routes, which rise at weekends and in the summer. The island is also directly connected with Tinos and Mykonos with daily routes and with Syros as well as other Cycladic islands, less often. Finally, Athens International Airport is about 10 kilometres from Rafina. You can reach Rafina by bus from Pedio Areos in Athens. The internal transportation to the island is ensured by your means or from the KTEL Bus Station to Andros, with routes between the villages and TAXI. Also, if you want to rent a car or motorbike, you can rent one in Gavrio, in Batsi, and Chora, the capital of the island! Additionally, you can find information about itineraries & tickets here and vehicle rental here. In addition, for your stay in Andros, you can find information about the accommodation here.

Access information in Andros

Useful information and telephones

  • Athens International Airport: 2103530000 (available on a 24-hour basis)
  • Port Authority of Rafina: 2294022300 – 2294028888
  • Andros Port Authority: 22820 22250
  • KTEL Bus Station – Andros: 22820 22316
  • TAXI: Chora: 2282022171, Gavrio: 22820 71561, Batsi: 22820 41081
  • KTEL Bus Station Attica: 2108808080 (Athens – Rafina)
    Bus Station (from Athens to Rafina): “Nomismatokopeion” metro station
    Bus Station (from Rafina to Athens): Rafina Port