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Gyalia Beach

Where the river meets the sea

Gialia beach in Andros is located in the village of Stenies, a short distance from Chora of Andros. The river that comes from Pythara in Apikia flows into this beach. The poplars and plane trees reach the beach. Due to the tall trees, almost the whole beach is shaded in the afternoon.

Gialia Beach – Full of beautiful pebbles

The sea is full of huge rocks and the beach, except for the right part, is covered with large pebbles. It is an ideal choice when the wind is blowing, as the pebbles do not rise up like the sand. Gialia beach is located on the road and has plenty of parking spaces. Also on the road, you will find a picturesque restaurant. If you swim or walk enough, you can also reach Piso Gyalia, with its amazing beach bar and great music.

To the right of the beach, the rocks are perfect for diving. The seabed is clear and will impress you. Inland, there are the beautiful villages of Stenies and Apikia, with houses among the trees. In Gyalia the sea deepens steeply. Finally, Gialia beach is one of the most easily accessible beaches in Andros.



Chora, Andros


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