Korthi in Andros – A real gem

Korthi in Andros – A real gem

Korthi or Ormos Korthiou is a beautiful village in Andros, in the southern part of the island. This picturesque village is ideal for relaxation and tranquillity, but at the same time, it has many entertainment options. It is the center of tourism and business in the area.

Three sandy beaches surround Korthi: the beach of Mylos, which has a wind-surfing school, Vitzi-Agia Ekaterini beach, and the characteristic beach of the area, Tis Grias to Pidima. In addition, some old traditional hiking trails, for which Andros is famous, lead to picturesque dovecotes.

It is worth visiting Dipotamata, with its unique watermills, an area of outstanding natural beauty, transformed into an ecological museum of hydroelectric power. Near the bay is the beautiful village of Kaparia with its beautiful dovecotes, watermills, and old stone houses.

The villages of Vouni, Gianniseo, and Lardia with their old churches and stone bridges, cool springs, plane trees, and old stone houses will enchant you. Chones, Alamania, and Kochilos where the beautiful Venetian Pano Katro or Castle Faneromeni and the village of Syneti are located are worth your visit.

Κόρθι Άνδρος, της Γριάς το πήδημα, παραλία

Beaches in Korthi for amazing moments

Milos is a beautiful beach in Korthi Bay. Its great sandy beach and deep blue waters make it a favorite destination for tourists. Moreover, it is also suitable for Wind-Surfing because of its suitable weather. The beach has a Windsurfing school for those who want to learn the sport.

Agia Aikaterini Beach is a small beach named after the chapel which is located above it. It has an excellent view of Gialos and the wind doesn’t catch it. It attracts a lot of people every year. Apart from its friendly environment, there is also a beach bar and a tavern nearby. On its beautiful rocks, children often take a dip, but the older ones also relax enjoying the sun.

The beach of Grias to Pidima is one of the most characteristic and popular beaches of Andros. It attracts many tourists not only for its unique beauty but also for the legend it carries. The huge rock that rises a few meters from the sand is considered the trademark of the beach. Of course, the beach is quite inaccessible and it is not easy for everyone to visit. From the height of the road, there is a short descent down the slope following the dirt path for about 5 minutes. Of course, the beach can also be reached by boat or caique for greater convenience. Whoever manages to reach it is of course compensated. The turquoise waters and the magnificent view are breathtaking.

Κόρθι Άνδρος, Κάστρο της Φανερωμένης

Korthi and the surrounding villages

Korthi Bay has many, enchanting, picturesque villages. One such picturesque village is Aidonia. Their beautiful old spring, the tower houses, and the Monastery of Alinos, characterize them. The festival that takes place in Kournoi, above Aydonia on August 29th is also pretty unique.

Kochilos (or Kohylou) is another village in Korthi, worth a visit. It is located on a hillside overlooking the Aegean Sea at an altitude of 400m and has a population of no more than 250 inhabitants. There is also the Castle of Faneromeni, the best attraction in the village and one of the best in Andros. It is essentially the largest medieval town of Andros, in which traces of Roman fortification can still be seen. On August 15, the feast of the Virgin Mary is celebrated. Finally, the whole area is excellent for walks.

In the village of Syneti, you will be dazzled by its natural environment and the unique serenity it offers when you reach the gorge. Located at Mount Tsirovlidi it has no more than 150 inhabitants and is famous for its green slope and its quality wine. The cafes, the traditional school, and the cobbled streets are also pretty great.