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Wedding in Andros is an ideal place for weddings. There's countless churches and landscapes of natural beauty. Andros has complete infrastructure, businesses and professionals, to help you plan or organize unique and special moments. Wedding in Andros means a wide variety of sweets from famous local patisseries. Special events, venues and  traditional musicians. Find Djs, photographers, ornaments, florists, bonbons, hairdressers and beauty salons. Andros has everything you need for a good and successful organization. Wedding in Andros

Wedding in Andros | Top 7 picturesque churches

  • Agia Thalassini - Chora. A chapel on a rock, high on the preferences of couples.
  • Agia Moni - Chora. At the top of the hill. Heavenly sky, endless blue. It has circular yard with easy access to the street.
  • Agios Kyprianos - Gavrio. Small picturesque church with easy access to the street.
  • Agia Fotini Stenies - Gialia. Over the Piso Gialia. It has circular yard with a sea view.
  • Agia Aikaterini Ormos Korthiou. It has circular yard, near the sea. For the most "romantic". Access from the sea!
  • Panagia Theoskepasti - Chora. It has huge circular yard, next to Paraporte easy access to the street.
  • Panachrantos monastery for Byzantine imperial, secret weddings!

Wedding in Andros by experienced professionals

Below is a list of professionals that it's important to have them next to you, in your dreamy moments. With their experience, be sure that everything will go well.

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