Andros Island | A unique destination of the Cyclades and Greece

Andros Island in Greece stands out for the abundant waters, the tall trees and its many beautiful beaches. It is the northernmost in the island’s complex of the Cyclades, the second largest island after Naxos. It has an area of 380 sq. Km. Andros Island lies six nautical miles from Evia and less than a nautical mile from Tinos. The island is about 40 km long and a width of 17 km. It is approximately 36 nautical miles from Rafina with which sea connects it. Andros has a coastline with a total length of about 176 kilometres. According to the poet Andreas Embirikos, “the island… is the queen of the Aegean … the most beautiful of all the world”.

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Holidays in Andros Island

Παραλία ΆχλαAndros Island, due to its short distance from Athens and its diversity, is ideal for everyone. In Andros Island, you will relax and have fun. You will taste traditional dishes as well as modern cuisine. You will swim on its beautiful beaches, but you will also find its spiritual side in its monasteries and churches. You will experience the comforts, but you will come in contact with the vast nature and its paths. Andros Island is a unique destination. It is ideal for short escapes. But if you spend your summer holidays, it is assured that it will reward you with the above!

The Andros Island of History and Mythology

Andros Island took its name from mythology when Staphylos son of Dionysus had a daughter nymph Rio, whom Apollo was in love with, and from this union, Anios was born. Anios had many children. Among them were the daughters, Spermo, Oino and Elais. Their names corresponded to the main types of food, wheat, wine and oil. Their great-great-grandfather, Dionysus, gave them the ability to make the land flourish. Wherever they passed, they sprouted vines, olives and wheat. Anios also had three sons, Mykonos, Andros and Thassos. The ancient names of Andros were Hydrusa (with abundant water), Epagris and Nonagria (wetland), Lassia (rich in vegetation) and Gavros.

The Andros Island of Nature

Andros Island is like a miniature of Greece. It has countless amazing beaches, high mountains, many ravines, small rivers, valleys planted with vines, running waters, cypresses, oak trees, fruit trees, olives, healing springs. The island has rich geographical contrasts and combines the dry Cycladic landscape with abundant vegetation and waters. Also rare predators such as Anake-eagle, Petritis and Mavropetritis, a medium-sized hawk with long wings that are among the most endangered species in Europe. Half of their population lives in the Aegean world. The Mavropetritis comes and reproduces in Andros and then emigrates to spend the winter in distant Madagascar.