Hiking trails of Andros

Hiking trailsAndros has a rich network of hiking trails, in many cases, it is paved. This network connects settlements with each other, with places of worship and with the ports of the island. From the middle of the 20th century and when the car gradually dominates, it limits their use. The hiking trails on several occasions stop or replaced by roads.

Andros still has a very extensive network of hiking trails that is estimated to be over 300 km in length. The accessible hiking trails network now stands at about 150 km. The routes are maintained – not always systematically – with care by the regional and local authorities, sometimes with the help of volunteers from around the world. The involvement of local voluntary organizations and associations is also important.

It is easy to understand why these two words: Hiking Trails and Andros are so much connected to the minds of the visitors. Andros is a special island of the Cyclades with plenty of water resources, mountain character, intense relief and extremely varied scenery. Small forests, fertile valleys, numerous beaches, streams, waterfalls and springs in almost every hillside and slope. The continuous human presence left visible signs even on the most rugged slopes of the island, shaping the stone with a basic material, a landscape largely handmade. The variety of rural architecture is impressive, stone walls, land terraces, olive presses, threshing floors. Over 200 recorded watermills, 69 windmills, several bridges some of them arched and hundreds of chapels, are scattered all over the island.

Andros Routes = Hiking trails of Andros

“Andros Routes” is an effort to combine research and action on the environment, culture and sustainable tourism in Andros. The main focus of action is to record, maintain and highlight the old hiking trails. Also recording oral history. The main objective is the involvement of local residents, researchers, visitors and tourism entrepreneurs in this effort. The whole project is based mainly on the voluntary work of researchers and members, as well as on the support of individuals and organizations.

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