Food in Andros

Food in AndrosFood in Andros has its own features as in all locations in Greece.These characteristics are closely related to the local products produced by Andros. The fertile meadows of Andros are planted with oranges, lemon trees, mulberries, pomegranates, figs, fine onions and lyrakia (kind of zucchini). The island produces oil, wine and digestive citrus liqueurs. The mountains are full of koumaries. The citrus fruits make syrupy and delicious sweets of the spoon, the figs make delicious pastelieres (stuffed fig with almonds and walnuts). The almonds makes fragrant   almonds sweets sprinkled with flower-water and powdered sugar. Andros also produces good wine and raki.

The food in Andros at its best!

Are you looking for food in Andros? Then you should definitely try:
  • Louzes and sausages: The lousy is marinated in sweet red wine, flavored, and smoked. The sausages are spicy, smoked and have a strong anise flavor. They are kept in fat pork (glina)
  • Fourtalia: Omelette with potatoes, mint, local sausages and glina. There are also variations such as Koukofourtalia, kolokythofourtalia.
  • Pastelli: Made with nuts, cracker, honey and sugar. It's New Year's Eve sweet.
  • Lambriatis: Perhaps one of the most rich and fragrant Easter food in Greek cuisine. Stuffed goat with cheeses, eggs, offal, rice, mint.

The cheeses that complement the food in Andros

Food in AndrosFood in Andros cannot be made without cheese. In the island, delicious cheeses made from goat's and cow's milk. Fresh cheeses, still in tsantiles, pressed until they drain, between two marble slabs, so their weight, remove as much liquid as possible. Not only can be eaten at the table, but also can be used as a base for more mature, local cheeses. The last years, there's a mass production of cheeses from excellent dairies.
  • Malachto: Its name means fermented cheese.
  • Armexia: (petroti) fresh cheese that is fermented with a little salt and pressed between stones.
  • Volaki: Hard spicy cheese ideal to be consumed grated (e.g. spaghetti). It is a cheese that is fermented in the shape of a cone and then stays in the sun hung in a cloth.
Finally, the food in Andros is excellent. Find all the restaurants, taverns, fish taverns, grills, ouzeries and deliveries in the island and bon appetite!

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