Gavriotika 2022

Gavriotika 2022

As every year, true to the date, Gavriotika 2022 event is here, honoring the traditions and customs of Andros. The new Board of Directors of the Group “The Gavrio“, responded to the wish of the public and proceeded with the Gavriotika 2022, despite all the adversities and difficulties. However, the pandemic is still around, so compliance with sanitary rules is imperative.

Gavriotika 2022 – Full of music

This year the program hosts for the first time in Andros the event “Andros in the music of the Aegean”. This is essentially a historical retrospective on the music of Andros, commenting on all the special elements and characteristics that make it so unique. The keynote speaker and moderator will be Dr. Haris Sarris. Finally, you will have the opportunity to watch traditional instrumentalists and the dance club “Ydrousa”.

Yannis Zouganelis in AndrosΖουγανέλης

At Gavriotika 2022 you will also have the opportunity to attend a unique concert with the popular artist Yannis Zouganelis and the musical group that accompanies him. You will experience an unforgettable evening with lots of singing and lots of dancing, combined with the unique personality of G. Zouganelis. In addition, at Gavriotika 2022 you will have the opportunity to attend two more speeches, “Andriotic Bengera” and “Stories from Unknown Andros”. Finally, there will be a unique visual presentation of the work of Gosta Hellner, now a permanent resident of Andros, and his latest work “The Dolls of Andros” will be exhibited.

We are waiting for you at Gavriotika 2022 for unforgettable summer moments with responsibility and care.

The program

Saturday 30 July, 21:00 – “Andros in the music of the Aegean”

Friday 5 August, 21:00 – “The Dolls of Andros”

Monday 8 August, 21:00 – “Andriotiki Bengera”

Wednesday 10 August, 21:00 – “Yannis Zouganelis, Time for Love and Hugs”

Wednesday 17 August, 21:00 – “Stories from Unknown Andros”




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