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At Wesurfin ‘you will do Windsurfing, SUP, Water Ski, Wakeboard with the guidance of experienced instructors. You will quickly understand why water sports are so exciting. You will feel safe and never alone. You will get personalized instructions even if you are part of a group. You will immediately feel that you belong to his great company. Our priority is the fun and the freedom that the sea offers to always be done safely.

Our experienced certified instructors, with inflatable boats and with radios, discreetly but continuously watch the small groups or individual surfers, both from the sea and from the land. Particular emphasis is placed on the level of the athlete, the air conditions, the theory of the basic principles, the excellent condition of the rescue equipment and safety equipment.

WeSurfin ‘is our way of life

Wesurfin ’is a place of sport and entertainment. It is relaxation, adventure, joy. It is the Greek sea, the beach, Andros. We are the ones who love Windsurf, SUP and water games. Wesurfin ’is our way of life. Share it with us…

We are George Frangos, Akis Chrysochou and Nikos Skordos. We are from Andros and we love the place, the beaches, its air. We “surf” in these seas from children. We deal with windsurfing as athletes and as coaches, with pan-Hellenic firsts and world successes.

Based on our experience, we recognized Kypri as the ideal beach for water sports. In the summer we give the opportunity to the visitors of the island to enjoy the wonderful sea of ​​Andros, to exercise and have fun in the water doing Windsurfing, Stand Up Paddling, Water Skiing, Wake Board and Canoe. There is also a Beach Bar in the area.


Kypri, Andros


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