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We know how to surf and we can teach you !!

At WeSurfin, we are George Frangos, Akis Chrysochou and Nikos Skordos. We are from Andros and we love the place and the beaches. We “surf” in these seas by children and we deal with windsurfing as athletes and as coaches. Based on our experience, we recognized Cyprus as the ideal beach for water sports. In the summer we give the opportunity to the visitors of the island to enjoy the wonderful sea of ​​Andros, to exercise and have fun in the water doing Windsurfing, Stand Up Paddling, Water Skiing, Wake Board and Canoe.

Our story began when the then 18-year-old Akis Chrysochou, world youth champion, started for the isolated Korthi of Andros to teach windsurfing lessons to the children. Among his “athletes” are George Frangos and Nikos Skordos. 18 years later, full of personal athletic successes but also successes as coaches, after national championships and world distinctions in windsurfing and SUP we continue with enthusiasm and passion to do what we love most.

WeSurfin ’- Windsurf Lessons in Andros!

What is Windsurf ?

To start windsurfing lessons you need to know the following. Windsurfing is known to the general public as an extreme Olympic water sport. The truth is that it is a unique combination of sailing and balance on the board. But there are special sails and boats for beginners that serve the needs for every level and age. A good reason to start windsurfing lessons and develop is the fact that it is a sport that exercises the whole body, while it is an excellent exercise for the mind. Athletes use the wind as a driving force and the sail as a steering wheel, to gain speed, to turn, to “travel”.

It is a very fun sport, it raises the adrenaline, fights stress, brings us closer to nature and the sea. Windsurfing and windsurfing in general you can do, especially in Greece, even in the winter months with the use of an indoor suit.

Who are they for?

Windsurfing is a sport for everyone! Anyone can do windsurfing lessons without an age limit. As long as there are no serious health problems and if you know how to swim, you have no problem trying this exciting experience. Children can start from about 8 years old. Adults can climb on the board and grab a sail if they wish. Either by attending individual classes or by participating in groups of other athletes with about the same.

Equipment & Security

At Wesurfin ‘we have the necessary equipment to do windsurfing lessons depending on your level. They are performed by specialized and certified trainers, while at the same time all safety rules are met. As a necessary condition, we have a life buoy for all practitioners and continuous supervision by rescue equipment, inflatables and other boats, in the learning area. In any case, it is a fairly safe sport as long as we respect the limits set by our level, the weather and the sea.

SUP lessons in Kypri! – WeSurfin ’

If you want to start SUP classes at Wesurfin ‘, it is good to know that Stand Up Paddling is a relatively new sport in the western world at least. It belongs to the water sports being an official sport of the Canoe – Kayak federation of the General Secretariat of Sports. It combines balance on the board and rowing, offering fun and adventure depending on the level of the rower. According to this level, it can be performed accordingly either in a calm sea without any wind or in the sea. That’s why it’s important to take SUP classes to learn the techniques of the sport and the conditions of the sea, such as the direction of the wind and the currents.


Water Ski

To take water skiing lessons at Wesurfin ‘, it is good to know the following. It is a sport that combines the water element, speed and fitness of the whole body. Adrenaline hits red and that is why water skiing has become very popular in recent years. It is undoubtedly. One of the most beautiful summer activities. Historically, the first water skiing “ride” took place on a US lake in 1900. The captain of an entertaining company tied a wooden board to the boat, towing some who went up to the shore. Since then the evolution of the sport has greatly changed the “equipment”. The result includes many acrobatic and incredible jumps!

Wakeboard Lessons

To take Wakeboard lessons it is good to know the following. It is a water sport that using a board, you “run” on the water and using various techniques. Make maneuvers and jumps. You have direct contact with the water, you enjoy the speed and you exercise the whole body. Wakeboarding athletes “copy” the figures used by surfing and snowboarding athletes. As you progress, the sport includes many acrobatic and incredible jumps, raising your adrenaline to new heights. In our country it is one of the most “uplifting” summer activities. Historically, wakeboarding first appeared in Australia in 1980. The evolution of the sport has since technologically changed equipment and is now one of the most popular water sports.