Vintsi – Enjoy the courtyard all hours of the day!

Vintsi in Korthio Bay is a beautiful elevated restaurant overlooking the endless blue. An elegant renewed space for all hours of the day, a breath away from the beautiful small beach of Agia Aikaterini.

At Vintsi you can drink your coffee in the yard with the mulberries. Their incredible coolness makes you feel that you are touching the sea. You can ask for wonderful snacks to fool your hunger such as delicious club sandwiches, toast and hamburgers.

Later in the restaurant our selected dishes made with taste. You will taste exquisite fish or meat accompanied by locals and not only appetizers and appetizers. Enjoy your wine and beer. In the end, do not forget to try our delicious donuts. What is certain is that at Vintsi you will travel away from the stresses and worries of everyday life.

And later after your afternoon swim on the beach in front or even in the popular neighborhood “Tis Grias to Pidima” you will relax with great music accompanied by cocktails and drinks of your choice and you will have fun until late at night.

We are waiting for you at Vintsi winter – summer always with affordable prices and mood for good company.