Valmas Nikolaos

Mr. Valmas Nikolaos established his business in Batsi of Andros in 1995. With many years of experience, he is active in the field of construction work. Respect, quality and reliability are the triptych on which he bases his works and his customer relationships. Its main activities are all types of construction work. Special emphasis is given to the field of insulation. Using excellent quality materials and techniques that ensure an excellent and long-lasting result.

Mr. Valmas Nikolaos is active in the field of undisturbed cutting and drilling of reinforced concrete to the nearest millimeter. The evolution of science in the machinery industry finally gives this opportunity. Without repairs and stress on the concrete, we perform work without dust and most importantly without vibration and noise. Cutting and drilling of concrete of almost any thickness and of course with any reinforcement. Also, any other material (brick, stone, marble, granite, asphalt, industrial flooring).

We make undisturbed cutting for openings such as windows, doors, chimneys, ventilation, elevator, removal of internal and external stairs, planters, yards. Depending on the thickness and the type of concrete we want to cut, we decide the speed of the cut and of course the specificity of the project, such as the location of the section to be cut, if it needs support, the removal of the cut elements and many other factors.


Batsi, Andros


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