Upgraded – Reservations Management Agency

Your own Reservation Management Service.

Upgraded spent many years in the field of reservations management for hotels and lodgings and on creating or improving their online image. All of these services may be time-consuming and constantly evolving sectors, but at the same time very important for every lodging.

Upgraded – Improve your Lodging

​Many lodgings and small hotels would love to have a reservations department. The reservations department handles all of their bookings and many more. However, usually, this is not financially feasible and it is very difficult to recruit experienced staff. Upgraded, want to help those who do not have the time, expertise or ability to monitor and keep up with the market development of their lodging.

​Your own Reservations Department!

Upgraded’s goal is, through its services to help every lodging to increase its bookings and revenue. The agency handles professionally all the reservation procedures, creates a professional online image, and guarantees fast & direct communication with all the guests


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