Tseliou Fireworks

The company Tseliou Fireworks has been operating since 2003 in Andros and is one of the first nationwide while the knowledge and experience of its team along with the support and requirements of its customers have made it always have a sure and impressive result.

Tseliou Fireworks in collaboration with the two largest factories in the world, one in Greece and the other abroad, manufactures original fireworks, such as the sea, creating a magical image of burning water, aerial and terrestrial in many designs and colours. He also participates with them in big events all over Greece, has state-of-the-art equipment making synchronized fireworks, determining the area, the height and the music that the customer desires.

Tseliou Fireworks undertakes in each of your events the permits required depending on the location, as well as the autopsy of the space, thus creating the best conditions for the safety of your guests. In addition, it has the direction of the program, depending on your requirements, to impress. The company thanks to its customers for the trust and preference shown to them for so many years, making it provide them with the best in this genre. “Do not forget the fireworks are for our beautiful moments, so use them by adults, following all the instructions for use.”


Gavrio, Andros


37.8822403, 24.7400894



09:00 – 21:00


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09:00 – 21:00



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