Thomas Bakery

Fresh goods every day

Welcome to Thomas Bakery, your premier destination in Batsi, Andros for an irresistible array of baked goods and traditional sweets. Nestled in the heart of this picturesque town, our bakery has been serving both locals and visitors with crafted delights that fuse traditional techniques with contemporary flavors.

At Thomas Bakery, every morning begins with the warm aroma of freshly baked bread, rising from our ovens and promising the comforting taste of home. But bread is just the beginning. Our pastry chefs take pride in creating a variety of fine pastries—from flaky, buttery croissants to rich, cheese and spinach pies.

Thomas Bakery – Fresh goods every day

For those with a taste for tradition, our selection of Greek sweets offers a delightful journey into the heart of Andros’ culinary heritage. Indulge in our beautifully layered baklava, each bite a perfect blend of crunchy nuts and sweet, sticky honey. Or enjoy our amydgalota, a beloved local specialty, known for its delicate almond flavor and soft, chewy texture.

Not to be overlooked, our coffee bar serves freshly brewed coffee that pairs flawlessly with any of our treats. Whether it’s a robust espresso or a creamy cappuccino, our brews are sure to energize your day.

Visit us at Thomas Bakery in Batsi, where tradition meets taste, and every bite tells a story. Delight in our creations and take a piece of Andros home with you.


Batsi, Andros


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