The pastry shop Bakelas

The pastry shop Bakelas started cowardly its first steps in 2002 in Kapparia.

Our passion for good and quality pastry and our dedication to excellent customer service and top quality of our products quickly made us a marketplace in Andros. Here you can find handmade and pure pastries. Our main goal is our sweets to delight you and have been made from pure ingredients. Fresh eggs, flour, buttermilk, fresh milk, health chocolate, thyme honey and not from ready-made mixtures of substitutes.

Since 2002, when our pastry shop started operating, we still have one goal: to make sure our customers enjoy high quality pastries.

There is no compromise on quality here. Inside our store, behind a warm smile ready to serve you, lies a great deal of work and dedication to an art we love: pastry!


Galaktompoureko is our specialty. But there’s also the milk paste with crispy biscuit and callebaut milk chocolate. Also the muffle with crispy puff pastry and fluffy patisserie cream, covered with velvet whipped cream but also profiteroles with velvet sauce.



Ice cream

Our ice cream has a special place in the summer. With fresh milk and natural vanilla we make ice cream with a ‘nostalgic’ flavor that goes back many years when everything was pure. Special flavors such as cookies, ferrero, pavlova, sausage, peanut.
Our traditional sweets are mainly based on almond and walnut. Fruit that has always been abundant on our island.


Choose a jar of spoon from our wide selection. Pamiloni, walnut, bergamot, rose, lemon blossom, spruce. Also grapefruit, citrus, sour cherry, quince, grape. Ideal for a special gift to your loved ones, leaving our island after your vacation.