The Castle of Faneromeni

The old lady … became a rock.

The Castle of Faneromeni or Pano Kastro or The Old Lady’s Castle “tis Grias to Kastro” was the largest medieval city of Andros (but there are also traces of Roman fortifications). It was built by the Venetians for pirates. It is located at the North of Gyalos (Ormos Korthi) the 600m altitude. The castle still has ruins of houses, aqueducts and walls. The mountains of the area are steep and have “cut” peaks. They give the impression that rocks popping up on top. Stones, rocks and walls justify the legend of the impregnable castle, many legends have reinforced this view. Most myths have as a protagonist an old lady who betrayed or wanted to warn, or attempted to escape. However, the memory of the old lady has been engraved and gave its name to the famous beach “tis Grias to Pidima” or “The old Lady’s Jump”. Today everyone can reach the Castle from a path that starts from the village. The view of the Aegean Sea is imposing and unique. Underground tunnels served the castle’s communication with the Melissa’s coast. Close to the entrance of the castle (200 meters to the left of the gate) there is a cave with stalactites. On the fifteenth of August, the church of Faneromeni is celebrated and feasts are held. The wider area is ideal for walking and meditation.

You can get there by foot from the village of Kochilos.


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