Syneti Beach

Syneti Beach

A favorite destination for the locals and the visitors, Syneti Beach is located on the eastern coast of Andros, about 7 kilometers from the capital of Chora just below the homonymous village.

Location – How to go there

The village of Syneti is located on the borders of the municipalities Chora and Korthi. Driving from Chora, south towards Korthi, you arrive about four kilometers later in the village of Syneti where you turn left into the relative junction. Then downhill to the seaside, you will find yourself in front of the exquisite natural bay of Syneti. The route to the sea takes only a few minutes, while the asphalt road makes it considerably easier to go to the coast. Sineti Beach features whitewashed, glossy pebbles and natural shade in the afternoon because of the mountains that rise over it. Near the shore and along the rocky ends of Mount Kourvoulo, you will find underwater caves and places for those who adore snorkeling (observation of the bottom). Another impressive feature of this is the fresh water that springs from the rocks to your right. Moreover, the rocky morphology of the environment creates many natural diving boards for those who love diving. A restaurant with a bar is a short walk from Syneti Beach.

The Dipomata and the “Small England” in Syneti beach

The natural beauty of the beach with the stalactites, the caves with their unique dew and the deep blue waters, were also more prominent in the shooting of the film “Little England” that took place in the spot. Besides, the uniqueness of the geological formations of the area, with the volume of the mountain falling sharply in the sea and the smells of oregano being mixed with the saltiness that emerges from the bay, make Beach Syneti particularly attractive, not only to the locals but also to those who discover it for the first time. As the narrow bay looks to the north, the beach is exposed to the winds. But even when the north wind is strengthened, the landscape acquires a sophisticated wild beauty that is worth seeing. The wider region, due to its exceptional natural beauty, is suitable for hiking. Syneti Beach is a natural ending of the famous Dipomata valley, with its famous gorge and the traditional watermills. A sight you have to sea visiting the island of Andros.



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