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Syneti Beach

Full of white, quartz pebbles

Syneti beach is a favorite destination for both locals and travelers and it is located on the eastern coastline of Andros.  It is about 7 km from the capital Chora and just below the homonymous village. The village of Syneti is located on the border of the municipal districts of Chora and Korthi. Driving from Chora south to Korthi you reach about four kilometers later the village of Syneti where you turn left at the relevant intersection. Then descending to the shore you will find yourself in front of the exceptionally beautiful natural bay of Syneti. 

Syneti Beach, Dipotamata, and “Little England” 

The natural beauty of the beach is truly amazing. The stalactites, the caves with their unique coolness but also the deep blue waters stood out through the shooting of the film production “Little England” that took place there. The uniqueness of the geological formations of the area with the volume of the mountain falling sharply into the sea is an incredible experience. The essence of oregano mixed with the saltiness that emerges from the bay also make Syneti Beach very attractive. Both locals and travelers love this beach. 

As the narrow natural cove looks to the north the beach is exposed to the meltemia. But even when the north wind is enhanced, the landscape acquires a sophisticated wild beauty that is worth experiencing. The wider area is suitable for hiking due to its exceptional natural beauty. Syneti Beach is a natural end of the famous Dipotamata valley with its famous gorge of the same name. You can also discover the traditional watermills, an attraction that should not be missed while visiting the island.


Sineti, Andros


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