Springs of Menites in Andros

The melody of water

The springs of Menites are located in the traditional settlement that is built between the walnut trees and the plane trees. The waters run from the mouths of marble lions, in the small shady square with taverns and cafes. The name of the village derives its origin from the maenads the nymphs of the god Dionysus, but the historian Dimitrios Paschalis, claims that the name Menites comes from the word “amoenitas”, which means cute pleasant place. As it is, it is one of the most beautiful, green villages of Andros. They are located very close to Chora. The valley of Messaria starts from the village and ends at the beach of Neibori.

Menites Springs, the sound of water on the lips of the Maenads

The springs of Menites are located below the sanctuary of Panagia Koumoulou. Many claims that the church is built on the site of an ancient temple on the island. Their waters irrigate many estates of Menites, Messaria but they also reach Mesa Chorio in Livadia! They say that they are the ancient sources of the temple of Dionysus. Next to Koumoulos is the source “Fountana”, (fontana: source, fountain) very close to the source of Molyvaria, the source of Zannakis (Ano Menites), Koumaros, etc. Until the war and later, there were many olive mills (screws) and watermills.


Menites, Andros


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