Cave Trypes in Andros

A lifetime experience.

The cave Trypes or Matia in Andros, is a miracle of nature. It is located on Zorkos beach, on the north side of the island. Trypes is a small cave that when you look at it from the sea, looks like a pair of eyes, which look at you intently. On the other hand, the view through the cave, does not fit descriptions.

Cave Trypes – A Nature’s masterpiece

Nature is the best artist. Many times nature’s creations take your breath away, calm the spirit and create indelible memories. After centuries, when the waves of the sea hit the rocks mercilessly, these two huge eyes began to form. The salt and water sculpted the stone in such a way as to create this cave. With patience, the sea created many small galleries, making the cave even more imposing.

If you decide to go in you won’t regret it. Its entrance is steep, like a narrow hole. It needs a lot of attention, especially when downloading. The cave is slippery, so it requires slow movements. The view through the cave is dreamy. Like Odysseus, you will gaze at the endless blue, where logic ends and the dream begins. Words cannot describe the experience that the Trypes cave in Andros will offer you.

Zorkos – Where green meets blue

When you reach Zorkos Beach in Andros and face it from above you will be enchanted. It is an image taken from a cinematic overproduction. The truth is that you may suffer a little to get there, but it is worth it. After all, the fantastic landscape will definitely compensate you. In addition, the beach is quite large with sand and fine pebbles for every taste.

What can you say about the blue-green waters of Zorkos? For the wonderful sand? For the “salty” air. Also despite its northern location, it rarely raises air. Of course, there are sunbeds and umbrellas for those who need comfort. But for those who do not need it, there is plenty of space to put their own umbrella. A little above the beach, you will find a wonderful tavern. If you choose Andros for your next vacation, do not miss the cave Trypes and Zorkos beach.


Ζόρκος Άνδρος


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