Sariza spring in Andros

The miraculous water of the Cyclades

The Sariza spring in Apoikia of Andros is said to be connected with Evia. A legend claims that Pasha San Rizas, who lived on the island of Evia, lost his fez in a stream. The fez ended up in the village of Apoikia of Andros in the spring that took its name. Although the exact date of the renovation of the marble fountain spring remains unknown, we know that the Sariza spring was founded in 1787 at the expense and supervision of Makarios Polemis. The source was used for three reasons. The water supply of the inhabitants, for watering the estates, and for the washing of the clothes by the women of the village!

Sariza spring in Andros – The thermal water

Πηγή Σάριζα

The Sariza spring is rich in various minerals. The spring water is thermal. So in 1932, following a royal decree, they decided that fight kidney diseases and more. An inscription near the source also states the following: “Hello, stranger, remember when you return to your homeland that you owe your life to me first. The amount of water from this source is constant. In the village, a factory was built for the bottling of this precious water which was once exported. Finally, note that quality and reputation are often compared to the well-known French water Evian.


Apoikia, Andros


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