Rodozahari – Traditional products

The Rodozahari shop on the central pedestrian street of Chora Andros. Within less than 10 years it has become a landmark for traditional products of the island and beyond. In Rodozahari you will find exceptional home-made products made with love and affection by manly housewives but also unique local edible items from selected producers. Homemade breakfast jam with amazing flavors.

Try the famous Rodozahari ‘s pastel. Along with unique wine labels and of course the excellent local Andros cheese are among the most popular products.Ροδοζάχαρη - Άνδρος

Here you will also find handmade barley nuts and barley cookies as well as fresh butter, orange and cinnamon cookies. All of our family’s production, which has a long tradition from generation to generation in the production and processing of local products made with the finest materials.

Visit our shop on Chora’s pedestrian street as you descend to your left. Choose from a rich selection of many excellent products that Andros produces.