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Plaka Beach

The favourite destination of fishermen

Plaka beach is located on the west coast of Andros. Moving to the south we meet a small wonderful sandy beach with sand, fine pebbles, and trees. Its main characteristic is the combination of green for shade, wonderful blue waters, sand with fine pebbles, and rock in its corners, which make it ideal for whatever one wishes.

How to get to Plaka Beach

Plaka beach is located near the village of Zaganiari. About 30 km from the port of Gavrio and 20 from the capital of Andros, Chora. Arriving at Stavropeda you continue in the direction of Korthi and at the height of the settlement, Zaganiari turns right. Finally, the beach is located under the beautiful church of Agios Georgios Faralis. The route from that point to the sea is on a dirt road.

It is located by the sea, right after the Apothikes to the south, but its approach is not from a different path. Plaka beach will compensate you. In addition, it has fine pebbles with sand and trees that offer shade. The rocks on the right and left of the beach are suitable for sunbathing and fishing. Also due to the direction of the cove that hosts Plaka is protected from summer meltemia more than other beaches in the area.

The ancients monuments and fishing

Plaka used to be a meeting place for the fishermen of the area. Also, perhaps due to the proximity to the “oldest city of Europe”, the famous Strofilas, but also the neighboring Zagora, on Plaka beach have been found traces of a prehistoric settlement.


Zaganiari, Andros


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