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Car rental in Andros has never been easier and at Paradise Andros Car Rental we offer quality and affordable cars. We constantly strive to upgrade our cars. After each rental, we proceed to thoroughly clean and inspection of the vehicle. Our cars are excellent so that you can safely tour the beautiful Andros and discover all its hidden beauties. Fast service and responding to all your wishes is our commitment.

Paradise Andros Car Rental – Quality Services

We constantly strive to meet your needs and desires. But our real motivation, which gives us the will to continue to offer quality services in Andros, is the promotion of our beautiful island. With our excellent cars, exploring Andros becomes easy and the most inaccessible beaches are now accessible. All the rental vehicles in our office are new models and are of course in excellent condition. Car rentals in Andros now have a name and at Paradise Andros Car Rental we are waiting for you to start the best vacation of your life.


The truth is that the beautiful island of Andros is very big and is the second-largest island in the Cyclades, with an area of 380 square kilometers, a length of 40 kilometers, and a width of 17 kilometers. Finally, its coastline is 176 kilometers long and this is one of the reasons why Andros has such a large number of beaches. So if you are looking for a car rental in Andros so you can explore the beautiful, noble island and you are looking for cheap cars in Andros, then Paradise Andros Car Rental is the best choice.

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Batsi, Andros


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