Olive Museum of the Cyclades

The Olive Museum of the Cyclades makes us realize how much our life and culture are connected with the olive tree and its products. The more the techniques and methods of production of olive oil evolve, the more necessary it becomes – in an era of rapid changes – the preservation and promotion of traditional, lively olive mills. Most of them stopped operating at the end of the 1960s. From the well-preserved old animal-powered olive mills of Andros, the “screw” of Dimitris Helmis in Ano Pitrofos.

The building dates back to the year 1823. It was restored and converted into a visitable museum space to offer the visitor of all ages the opportunity to culturally approach the valuable product but also to get acquainted with the old and traditional techniques of its production.

The Cyclades Olive Museum, the building with its equipment is an excellent example of agricultural heritage, pre-industrial technology and architectural heritage.


Ano Pitrofos, Andros


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