Neimporio Beach

Neimporio Beach

On the left side of Chora and within short distance from the main shopping street, from the main shopping street, towards the sea, is the Neimporio Beach. It’s a shallow shandy beach, very close to the Navy, protected from the air and it is ideal for young children.

Features of Neimporio Beach

At Neimporio Beach, a river flows from the village of Lamyra and after passing through gardens and yards, it finally reaches the sea. The river is full even in August. In the middle of the beach stands the rock, known to the locals as “Tourlos”, which separates the beach to two. On the one side there’s sand, while on the other side there’s pebbles. Tourlos, becomes a “lounger” for the young and the elderly people on the mornings, while on the evenings gets a seductive look and even more beautifully highlights the splendid view of the nightlife. Besides, the beach is popular for its unique view of the captains’ houses of Chora, which are hooked on the rocks and reflected in the water. Besides, in a short distance from the Neimporio Beach there is the famous picturesque church of Aghia Thalassini on a rock under the oldest part of Chora. The view from the beach also includes Afani Nafti’s Square and the nearby islet of Chora as well as the famous Lighthouse Tourlitis.

Cosmic life – The coastal zone of Chora

Very close to Neimporio Beach, the visitors will find crowded streets with many local shops and tourist shops. The seaside area of Neimporio features super markets, kiosks, taverns, cafe, bars, ouzeri and beach bars, and even a sailing school (Andros Marine Club). Over the beach, the road continues to many popular destinations of the island, such as the villages of Stenies (and the beaches Gialia and Piso Gialia) and Apoikia with the spring of water of Sariza. On the west end of the beach is the “Andros Marine Club” built literally on the sea with people practicing on sailing and filling the same time, the bay with colorful sails. They are going with their small boats to the other end of the beach where the “Plakoura” , the Agia Thalassini, the Riva and the Castro, making the mosaic of the beauty of this noble capital of the island, Chora.


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