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Mylos All Day Bar

Unique atmosphere and view

Mylos all-day bar in Andros is located in Korthi Bay, in an excellent spot in front of the sea for unforgettable moments. We offer excellent coffee, cocktails, snacks, and of course great music. You can relax on the huge cushions right by the sea or at the bar. When the sun begins to fade, the music gets louder and the party at Mylos all-day bar starts.

Mylos all-day bar – Great atmosphere

At Mylos all-day bar we are open from the morning, so you can start your day in the best way. Our quality coffee from our excellent blend will delight you. Our delicious baguettes and toasts will fill you up. Our juices and cold beers will refresh and relax you. As the day wears on and the sun goes down you can enjoy your drink from our great wine cellar or an amazing cocktail from our very long list. We are waiting for you for unforgettable, summer moments by the sea, on the wonderful island of Andros.


Mylos all-day bar is located in a unique spot in Korthi, next to the sea. The atmosphere is amazing and the view is unforgettable. Our bar is just half an hour’s drive from Chora and 45 minutes from Gavrio, the port of the island.


Korthi, Andros


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