Monotiki Athinon

Effective insulation of your property

MONOTIKI ATHINON, based in Kallithea, is active in the field of insulation, providing high-quality services.

Whether for new constructions or older buildings, we have the expertise and experience to provide you with the most effective solutions for the waterproofing of your building’s roof and the waterproofing of your home and business premises.

Monotiki Athinon – Know-how and experience

MONOTIKI ATHINON, with a consistent professional track record since 1972, is today one of the largest insulation and waterproofing construction companies, with service throughout Greece. And we are proud of this but also grateful to the customers who have trusted us!

At MONOTIKI ATHENS, in Kallithea, we are well aware of the role of proper and reliable insulation! That is, we know that it helps to reduce the energy costs of a home or commercial roof. And that, ultimately, good insulation pays you back 100% of its price.

We will be happy to work with you! Let’s find the ideal solution for your space, with technical and economic criteria and our excellent know-how as a helper!

Managing Technical & Sales Consultants:

Vassilis Papadimitriou

Giorgos Papadimitriou

Giannis Papadimitriou

Μονωτική Αθηνών


Kallithea, Athens


37.947806235324, 23.69584018258


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