Meet Mainites

Through the eyes of a local

Every summer afternoon Monday at 18.00 or 16:00 the rest of the year, the Mainites Association organizes a magical walk. This is the circular route of the village, which apart from its natural beauties, also has remarkable historical and folklore elements. Mainites (also called Menites), is one of the most beautiful villages of Andros. The village’s white settlements stretch from the fertile plain of Messaria to the foothills of Mount Petalo.

Meet Mainites through the eyes of a local

The walk passes by cobblestones, old watermills, tower houses, pigeon houses, chapels. The rugged vegetation of the village and the scorching of its waters will leave you speechless. A member of the Association will accompany you and guide you throughout the journey. There is a possibility of different routes, as well as a change of day and time, provided that the minimum participation is five (5) people.

On tour walk, you are going to find many springs. Old Byzantine churches and chapels will appear on your street and will impress you. Among them is the Virgin Mary “Vergi” of the 16th century, a two-aisled church with an impressive wood carved and an illustrated iconostasis. Beautiful stone farmhouses and tower houses will catch your eye all the way.

At the end of the walk in the offices of the Association of Magnets, the association offers a traditional dessert. Andros, but especially the village, is known for its spoon sweets. In some walks are presented and narrated the activities from the daily life of the inhabitants of the village in the older years.

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