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Agia Marina

The restaurant Agia Marina with extremely delicious Mediterranean cuisine. Here you will find homemade food and fresh fish, straight from the boat of the captain – Giannis, or Giannouli, so he is known, son of Mastrozanne, diligent fisherman and hunter. The dishes are prepared by the sweet Maria, his wife and mistress of the kitchen, cooked with passion and with the historical tradition of Andros. This is one of the best restaurants in the area which is very close to Batsi area. The restaurant has a rich menu with the best fresh ingredients and fish. On the first steps of the tavern for the welcome, in the kitchen is a part of the old vegetable garden.

The history of the tavern of Mastrozannes in Agia Marina

The area, which is not far from Batsi of Andros, was not easily accessible. From only one path and from the sea one could reach. First visitors of this small hut – cafe, some fishermen sunbathing after the “plowing” of the sea and some adventure tourists. Foreign citizens who arrived on the island with their sailboats, spearfishers and some carefree, mainly journalists and artists who were looking for the land of promise!

The hangout soon became known, but to “initiates”. That is why even today it still “holds” something, from the perfume of that time! The “initiates” from the ’78 that opened the road that connects Batsi with Agia Marina succumbed to evolution and were forced to share their “secret”. One brought the other. The area changed, it filled houses, and the hut of Mastrozanne changed and became a tavern “I Agia Marina”. Mastrozannes tavern is located on the beach, but in the style of the ’60s.


Batsi, Andros


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