Mainades Maisonettes & Studios

Mainades Maisonettes & Studios

Mainades Maisonettes & StudiosMainades (Maenads) was the female companion of God Dionysus. We’ve took the five of them, we transformed them into modern warm, two-storey guesthouses for 2-4 persons and we’ve placed them on our area, Menites, so that they can watch the entire Chora of Andros, the villages and the sea. In addition, we made the “Little Mainades”, four studios, which give another option to the visitor who chooses the complex for a stay. Each maisonette has its own personality, color and style. All of them have modern amenities and traditional in decoration and are waiting to accommodate you and to have fun or rest. Welcome to Andros, in the Menites and the Mainades …

Welcome to the other Cyclades, of the waters and the lush full green. Thank you for letting us give life to your vacation so that you will remain unforgettable as you dream and we can help make it happen!

The maisonettes

Mainades Maisonettes & StudiosTerpsichore was one of the well-known “priestesses” of god Dionysus. The residence with the same name stands at the southern end of Mainades complex. From its attic’s terrace the guest faces the magnificent view that offers the green landscape of the central part of Andros. Myrto belongs also to Mainades’ group who accompanied god Dionysus on his crazy journeys. Myrto maisonette is at the east end of the Mainades complex. It has two balconies overlooking the sea. It offers to their guest unique pictures with the capital of Andros standing out in the horizon. In the continuous parties of Dionysus participates Evrypyli amongst other Mainades and Satyrs.

The residence with this name offers to the guest the opportunity to admire from above the marvellous view of east Andros as he rests on one of the two verandas of its first floor. The group of Mainades joins also Steropi. The maisonette with her name matches with the environment – along with the rest of the house complex – through its soft earthly colours. With dominating the picture of green and next to the neighbouring water stream offers to the guest moments of true serenity. In the famous parties of Dionysus takes part also Kalibia. This same-named residence is located at the northwest end of the complex. Kalibia looks at the sides of mountain Petalo, which gives its valuable shadow in the residence, and the necessary freshness to the guests.

Residential Facilities

  • breakfast basket (upon request)
  • Spacious parking
  • A/C
  • TV
  • DVD Player
  • Free Wi-Fi
  • Kitchen
  • Materials for basic breakfast
  • Fridge
  • Safe
  • Autonomous Heating

Complex services

  • Reception Desk 24/7
  • Daily Cleaning Services
  • Barbecue


Our Address:

Menites, Andros