Kallivrousis Franzescos

Born in 1962 to Andriotes parents, Kallivrousis Franzescos, who had moved to Athens, completed his basic and higher education in important Education. Institutions – the Gymnasium & Lyceum at the 1st Standard Lyceum for Boys in Athens (in Plaka). This was followed by my Higher & Higher Scientific – Vocational training as a Citizen. Engineer at KATEE Piraeus and the School of Architecture of NTUA. Through Postgraduate Seminars and Specialization cycles, I trained in Bioclimatic Architecture and Applications. RES Technologies, but also as a Real Estate Consultant.

With his firm decision for Mr. Kallivrousis Franzescos to settle professionally in his place of origin, there is a plethora of Municipal Works that he has studied – supervised during my period of employment at T.Y.D.K. of the District of Andros (1991-1992), but also private – development since since then he has been active as a freelance Engineer in Andros and Athens. The postgraduate studies and the specialization seminars – participations in Conferences & Meetings that he has completed in the following different fields:

Renewable Energy Sources (applications in buildings)
Real Estate & Develop.
Management of Tourist Units
Development Law – EU Programs (Grants)
Agritourism – Alternative forms of Tourism
Environmental Design of Cities & Buildings


Kamara-Chora, Andros


37.839262152432, 24.940517172217