Jumbo Μπουρατζής

Jumbo Mpoyratzhs

In 2015 Jumbo Mpoyratzhs Official Partner, making its next business step, forms a formal partnership with our beloved Jumbo store chain putting a small stake in the development of the commercial sector on the island. Its purpose is to provide the residents and visitors of the island with financial solutions. Convenience and variety in their markets, while maintaining a friendly and hospitable person as it is suited to Andros.

You can find almost everything in the Mpoyratzhs Jumbo Official Partner Store. Seasonal, Toys, Home Supplies, Garden Supplies, Pet Supplies, Clothes, Furniture, Decoration Products etc. and of course at affordable prices! Making your shopping a pleasant, friendly and warm environment.

The store can be compared to the corresponding Athens companies. Low, absolutely competitive prices, with practical and creative ideas, fast and effective solutions. Always your primary concern.