A place out of a fairy tale

Gerolimni in Andros is one of the most beautiful spots on the island and one of the most impressive natural wonders in the Cyclades. The combination of the island’s beauty with the greenery and the running waters creates a landscape that you will hardly see on any other island of the Cyclades. This lake is definitely worth your visit the next time you visit the noble island of the Cyclades.

Gerolimni in Andros is located in the north of the island, very close to the village of Vourkoti. Among the mountains, well hidden from the outside world, is a beautiful lake, surrounded by greenery. Between the rocks, on two impressive slabs, an impressive waterfall pours its waters, creating a wonderful spectacle. The waters come from the river Achla that runs through the island, from Mount Petalo to the beach of Achla.

Gerolimni – A fairytale place

The lush green landscape, the running waters, and the colors of the wildflowers create a landscape that you are unlikely to encounter again. The lake filled by the waterfall always has water. However, it is very cold and only the brave enough can dive in. At the spot, there is also a rope for anyone who wants to hang before diving into the water of the lake.

However, Gerolimni in Andros hides several dangers. Apart from the fact that the access is quite difficult and at the same time the waters are very cold, the path is quite rough. The large stones that you have to cross are quite slippery, so you have to be very careful. Moreover, this is a location quite isolated from the main parts of Andros, so you need to have all the necessary things with you. A visit and a trek to Gerolimni is definitely an unforgettable experience. However, it is not suitable for people who have mobility difficulties or do not have the necessary equipment.

How do I get to Gerolimni in Andros?

As mentioned above, accessing Gerolimni in Andros is not easy and definitely requires patience and a lot of attention. For greater safety and convenience the best way to visit Gerolimni is together with experts from a tour agency. There are tour agencies in Andros that will guide you to the spot safely, giving you the necessary information about everything you will see. Perhaps the best option is to plan your trip with Explore Andros. It is a tour agency that offers full-day tours to the most beautiful parts of Andros, providing all the necessary information. Finally, at Explore Andros, the safety and comfort of the participants always come first.

On the other hand, if you decide to visit Gerolimni in Andros on your own, you should leave your car at the monastery of Agios Nikolaos. From that point, you will follow route 6, towards Vourkoti. Arriving at the beautiful Achla bridge you will be able to take a wonderful break, enjoying the view. From that point, you will leave the path and start walking parallel to the river upstream. The distance from the bridge is a maximum of 30 minutes. You will need to be very careful and definitely wear closed shoes as you will need to climb rocks which are quite slippery.

Gerolimni in Andros is definitely one of the most beautiful spots on the noble island and will definitely be an unforgettable experience.

Photo by: Nikolaos Mpliziotis


Vourkoti, Andros


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