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Da Franko


The cafe – bistro Da Franko is located at the entrance of Andros Town above the post office offering a wonderful view of the nearby villages and Neiborio but also delicious snacks and drinks to its guests! It is at your disposal for delivery all year round from morning until midnight.

We Greeks are travelers and “experts”. The Andriots took advantage of it, since the sea also allowed the above qualities to be transformed into wealth, but most importantly to contribute to the development of this other culture that characterizes the island and us. Our journey did not take place at sea, but through cooking in the world of taste, which I believe contributes (both the cooking and the experience of flavors) to the maximum in highlighting the culture of each place and the communication between people. After all, what else creates culture, other than the exchange of experiences and knowledge between us?

What we learned along the way on the culinary journey, at Da Franko combined with the pure and traditional flavors of Andros (the ones we keep from our grandmothers and grandchildren) we seek to share in this hangout, where we want to offer something beyond the usual.

We hope that we managed to make the chosen one not expensive. And we try to keep the accuracy only for our tastes. That is why the relationship between what we offer and their price is completely honest, corresponding, and proportionate. As for “Da Franko” it is not a sign of xenomania. “In Francesco” means, we just express it a little internationally. Always be well and do not hesitate to point out to us what did not satisfy you. Of course, the “bravo”, if you stay happy, will be unpleasant for us.



Chora, Andros


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