Cave “Foros” – Aladino Andros

Cave “Foros” is located in the village of Aladino in Andros Island and is 4km away from the capital of Andros, Chora. It occupies an area of about 500sqm and is one of the first discovered caves in Greece.It is the number 15 in the relevant E.S.E list (the Hellenic Speleological Society).

The tour starts from the old bridge, built in 1680 AD by the Epirus master Kitsos Zoi and his guild. The path to the cave is 300 meters, in a traditional paved cobbled path. The unique cobblestone path that starts from the bridge of Aladino, from where the “great river” passes through, with its ducks, the water turtles, the eels. After a 300-meter hike, between oaks, wild pear trees, etc., you reach cave. Beautiful wooden signs will direct you. On the way you will enjoy the magnificent view of the village Alaidinos and its green nature with cypress, olives, orange trees, lemon trees etc.

At the entrance of the cave, the tour guide will provide you with the necessary equipment for your safe tour. You will receive a helmet and a torch light. For your convenience, it would be desirable to wear closed shoes and have a long-sleeved blouse with you. At 150 meters of the route, the visitor has the opportunity to enjoy an aesthetic spectacle. Massive pillars create labyrinthine areas. Many stalactites and stalagmites, elicit, varied and colorful, gour, which decorate the eight chambers, while there are water basins a work of stone and cave pearls in many places.

The cave offers a sense of adventure, as it is visited in groups of 6 people, with the provision of helmets and torch lights as well as guide. All the above, rank it in one of most important sights in Andros. Life has also passed through the cave of Aladinos, developing unique forms of life perfectly suited to darkness and minimal food.

The temperature in the cave is constant at 16-17 ° C throughout the year and the humidity is 75%. The village of Aladinos is at 120 meters at the foot of Mount Gerakonas. Temperatures in winter are at 4-17 ° C and 23-37 ° C in the summer.

There are 2 versions about the meaning of the cave’s name “Foros”. The first version says that the name comes from the Italian word “foros” which means “opening”. The second refers to the superstition inhabitants, as every time the animals were falling and were lost, they believed that this was a “tax” they had to pay to placate the evil spirits. “Foros” in Greek means tax.

The first exploration of the cave was made in 1937 by the couple John and Anna Petrochylos. On the order of the Hellenic Speleological Society (E.S.E) in 1982 its full mapping was carried out, by A. Petrochylos and S. Diakoyannis. It is the 15th recorded cave in Greece, in the official chronological list of discovered caves by the Hellenic Speleological Society (E.S.E).


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By appointment - T: 6939696835


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By appointment - T: 6939696835


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