The Bridge of Love

The most romantic spot of the island

The Bridge of Love in Andros or otherwise known as the Bridge of Little England became famous in recent years due to the film of the same name by Pantelis Voulgaris. Anyone who has seen the film “Little England” will surely remember the kissing scene on the bridge at Piskopeio. The Bridge of Love is located among the lush cypress trees, the beautiful waters, and the wonderful nature of the noble island of Andros. It is a place hidden, protected from the outside world, as love is often hidden, to protect it from the malice and jealousy of our society.

How do I get to the Bridge of Love?

From Andros Town, the Bridge of Love is about half an hour away by car. It is an excellent opportunity for a very beautiful drive, where you can discover Andros’ many beauties. On the way to the Bridge of Little England, you can make a short detour and pass by the enchanting beach “Grias to pidima”, where you can take a short break to dive in its wonderful waters. Very close by is the beach of Korthi, which is also one of the most beautiful beaches on the island. From Korthi in particular, just ten minutes away, you will reach Episkopio, a beautiful picturesque village, which is definitely worth a visit. At this point, you will leave the car and begin your unforgettable trek.

A lovely path, surrounded by quaint, traditional little houses unfolds before you on your way to the Bridge of Love. Tall, green trees, olive, cypress, and fig trees will accompany you until you reach your destination. The whole route is enchanting and you will truly feel like you are in a folk, Greek fairy tale. The entire trail has painted arrows pointing to the location of the Bridge of Little England, so you won’t have any trouble finding it. These beautifully painted arrows are reminiscent of love arrows, the arrows that “hit” people as soon as they meet their other half.

The secret love of the illicit couple

At the end of the route, you will find the beautiful Bridge of Love in Andros. The bridge where the love of Orsa and Spyros took shape. The place where they gave their first kiss and started this secret love, protected by the beautiful nature of Andros, away from all those who wanted to harm them. However, as the bridge is the island’s newest attraction – due to the film – don’t be surprised that many elderly locals don’t know it as the “Bridge of Love”. Either way though, it’s very easy to access and the route is breathtaking.

Photo by: Ioannis Asproyannis


Piskopeio, Andros


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