BP Syris

Quality and safety

The BP Syris petrol station and car wash is located a few meters from the port of Gavrio on Andros and has been operating since 1992. It is a family business that is now in its third generation. The service station offers BP petrol & oils with ACTIVE technology, which is excellent for engines.

With continued use, BP gasoline and petrol with ACTIVE technology help keep your engine running smoothly and efficiently and help reduce the chances of your car needing off-schedule maintenance.

BP Syris – Services

At BP Syris in Andros, you will find car accessories and motorcycle parts. You will also find lubricants, and seat covers on request. We undertake the distribution of heating oil, tank cleaning, biological cleaning-polishing – waxing, pick up, and delivery of cars for cleaning on request.

Dirt is a hidden enemy that can be found inside your engine. Common fuels can cause residue to build up on critical parts of your engine. Over time they increase and can cause significant damage. Such damage includes loss in performance, increased fuel consumption, and less smooth engine operation.

We are waiting for you at BP Syris and we are ready to assist you with whatever you need.



Gavrio, Andros


37.882250951414, 24.739680903999



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07:30 – 22:30

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