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High aesthetic hairdressing services

Bliss – Hair & more hair salon is located in Anemomylous in Andros, offering complete beauty and wellness services. In a unique space that covers all the services a salon in Andros can offer, all your needs will be met. Motivated by the uniqueness of each person and respect for individual wishes, Bliss – Hair & more salon is in a constant search for improvement and evolution. Excellent beauty services are offered at the most competitive prices and always in the context of polite and exceptional service.

Bliss – Hair & more | Hair salon in Andros

Everyone who chooses Bliss – Hair & more Hair Salon in Andros knows the quality and service offered. The multiple services and expertise in the field of hairdressing will bring out your beautiful side and make you feel proud of your hair. Come and give your hair the style that will make you feel comfortable and refreshed and that will enhance your style, beauty, and personality.

Depending on the occasion, whether it’s your wedding, or a special occasion, with experience and expertise we will give you the look of your dreams, satisfying your every hair and color need. Haircuts, hairstyles, and all the latest hair trends. Highly aesthetic services, for the beauty and health of your hair.

Bliss – Hair & more hair salon in Andros gives you a fresh approach to beauty!

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Chora, Andros


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