Belvedere Suites

Belvedere Suites in Batsi in Ansros Island

Belvedere SuitesBelvedere Suites is the newest accommodation in Batsi and includes two buildings. The first building has three autonomous apartments. The Aelia (82sqm), the Harmony (72sqm) and the Galene (28sqm) which are located on the peripheral road of Batsi settlement. The second one is the Hermes an autonomous apartment and is located in the center of the traditional settlement.

Modern and functional suites with strong influences from the tradition and the unique architecture of the island are elaborately combined to create the “Belvedere Suites Andros”. The design of the bedrooms is by Coco-mat, as well as most of the furniture, while its unique paintings are by the artist Stella Kontotsita. Traditional objects and furniture decorate the four apartments of the accommodation.

Belvedere Suites | Stunning location, panoramic views, architecture of Andros, warm hospitality!

The materials and the colors that have been used are the cement mortar in earth colors, the handmade cement tiles with the marble and bronze edgings that create an impressive “carpet” in the apartments and the wooden floor in the bedrooms which offer warmth and authenticity. The kitchens are fully equipped. Their design with basic materials such as cement, wood and sieve, refers to the traditional Cycladic island kitchens. The ensuite bathrooms provide comfort and discretion in a place where luxury meets the simplicity of the Cycladic island of Andros.

The private parking for the three apartments is on the peripheral road and offers parking for six cars, while Hestia Apartment can be used as a parking space, the public parking lot of the settlement located at the harbor 30 meters away from the apartment. The pool has wooden deck and it is located in the communal area of the accommodation and features shaded areas as well as sun loungers for real relaxation.


It is a Belvedere Suites apartment of 82sqm, its interior decoration approaches the view of the old mansions of the island. Floor of marble flooring, handmade cement boards with marble and bronze delimitation. Wooden floors in the bedroom combine a first picture that combines tradition with modern architecture.


Galene, an apartment of 28 sqm which includes in a single room, a bedroom and a kitchen. From the large window of the room one can overlook the seafront from the bed of the apartment. The bathroom is large and bright.


A Belvedere Suites apartment of 72 sqm, with its own yard. It features a stone-built traditional barbecue and views of the picturesque settlement of Batsi. The living room, the kitchen and the dining room are in a single bright room. The kitchen has full equipment and in the large oak table can dine 4-6 people.


Hestia Apartment is an autonomous apartment of 40sqm in the center of the traditional settlement. It has a bedroom with bathroom ensuite. The bed is Coco-mat. The living room, the kitchen and the dining room are in a single bright space with stunning views. The kitchen is fully equipped and the traditional wooden dining room can serve 4 people.

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