Beach Fellos

Beach Fellos

Beach Fellos is a long sandy beach in north-west Andros just four kilometers from the port of Gavrio. It is located in the bay of the same name and the access to it is very easy as the asphalt road reaches the sea making the beach Fellos ideal for swimming or playing with sandy beach and relaxation under the typical tamarix.

Route – Location

The beach of Fellos can be found, as it is heading northwest of Andros just after the homonymous village. The distance from the capital of Chora is about 38 km, however, it is worth visiting as its approach is very easy with the asphalt road reaching the beach. For the people who live in the area of Gavrio or Batsi, the choice of this beach for its views and accessibility is excellent. Passing through Gavrio and in the opposite direction to Batsi and Chora, you ascend to the most sparsely populated part of Andros, the northern one. Overlooking Cavo Doro and just three kilometers after the main harbor of the island, you will see the junction to the village of Fellos and your destination beach. There you go left and after a few meters, on the road from the hill to the sea you will see the beautiful and the green cove of Fellos. There is the beautiful sandy beach between the low hills and the summer houses.

Games on the beach – Fishing and Food

Our experience from a visit to the beach of Fellos is summed up with the following phrases: Easy access – crystal clear waters – games under the sun but also the shady tamarix. Fellos is also suitable for fishing while there are two other small beaches isolated and inaccessible from shore, Selki beach and Kourtalis beach. After so much game with the wonderful crystal clear waters of Fellos Beach and its sunken sand, it will surely open up your appetite. Tavern Andreas Steki is just a few meters away from the beach to welcome the tourists.


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