Beach Apothikes

On the way to Chalkolimiona, under Stavropeda, on the left, there’s a dirt road that leads you to a beach like a “deep” embrace of the sea, the beach of Apothikes. It is believed that it got its name from the small sheds, made by the sailors to protect their boats on the winter season. A huge in-depth sand leads to the sea which due to the rocks is ideal for diving and snorkeling. A simple sea mask is useful because the bottom is interesting. The beach has youthful glories, there is a bar and the dirt road is relatively good for drive. The mountain above is full of brushwood, holly bushes and some figs. The waters are wonderful and deep at half a meter. So, sand, deep water, bottom for snorkeling, canteen, dirt road in the larger part.


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Apothikes, Andros