Bali Th. Danai

Consistency and reliability

With many years of experience in the field of construction, Bali Th. Danai has undertaken projects ranging from roads and playgrounds to luxury homes and hotels. With constructions in Attica, Andros, and the Middle East we have gained contacts at all stages of construction that help us ensure the best possible choice of materials based on criteria we set with you to determine the best value for money that reflects your requirements.

Bali Th. Danai – Goals, and vision

Our main concern is consistency and honesty in our relationships with both our customers and our suppliers. We are always on standby to deal with any problem that may arise and we undertake the full supervision and supervision of the project. With full research in legal and urban issues, we work based on your interest and we present to you all the issues trying to find the best possible case for your benefit.



Kato Agios Petros, Andros


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