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Ateni Beach

Two beaches, joined into one.

Ateni beach is located in the northeastern part of Andros at a distance of 12 km from Batsi. These are essentially two beautiful sandy beaches. Both beaches are naturally sandy. Ateni beach covers all tastes. On the right one can swim in the clear blue waters of the largest sandy beach. 

Ateni Beach – Ideal for children

Ateni beach caters to all tastes and looks like a shallow pool as it requires a lot of walking until you will find deep waters. This characteristic turns the beach into an ideal “playground” for both young and older people. It is therefore logical that it is one of the most popular beaches of Andros. The small Ateni is the beach on the left. It is an unorganized beach, ideal for peace and relaxation and the big Ateni on the right has more comfort but also a beach bar with sunbeds. The first beach also has fewer waves for those who want to swim in calm waters.

The access to the beach

In order to reach the beach, one must turn left on the main road to Chora, at the relevant crossroads at the height of Batsi, towards the village of Katakilos. Approximately 12 kilometers later, you reach your destination. Arriving at the village of lower Katakilos, always on the paved part of the route, turn left again towards the village and its homonymous beach. Most of the route is asphalt and only in the last 2-3 km before the beach the road becomes dirt. In general, however, it is quite passable. Ateni beach is, without exaggeration, one of the best beaches in Andros.


Ateni, Andros


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