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Andros Real Estate offers its clients a complete package of services in real estate in Andros, fulfilling all their needs. It indicates to its clients the properties that meet their housing and business needs and at the same time, it acts as an intermediary to provide them with comprehensive support services up to the moment of acquisition of the property and afterward if necessary.

These services are provided by experienced professionals with passion and knowledge. Our goal is for the client to find the property or the price he desires. Whether you are an owner or an interested party, a private individual or a professional, with one stop in our network you will find everything you need.

Andros Real Estate – Services

We are the best source for the most complete and accurate information on the current real estate in Andros. Our goal is to meet your real estate and investment needs and give you the best advice. We commit to always providing the highest standards of customer service. Finally, our associates are ready to offer you the best possible selection of any type of property available for purchase or rent.

In addition, our success is based on the fact that our priority is the satisfaction of your needs. That’s why Andros Real Estate is the best choice for real estate in Andros, by helping you make the right decision and finding the right house at the right price.


Gavrio, Andros


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