Andros KTEL

The Andros KTEL was founded in the mid-1950s. Its starting point is located in Chora of Andros from where it offers its services to the residents and visitors of the island for more than 60 years. The Andros KTEL has correspondences from Gavrio, the port of the island, to Chora, Batsi and Korthi and vice versa. It also runs itineraries to several villages and beaches of the island. During the summer months, there are also daily itineraries every hour from Batsi to the port of Andros and vice versa, with stops in Kypri, Chrysi Ammos and Agios Petros. See the itineraries here

Route stops from Gavrio to Chora and vice versa

The route from Gavrio to Chora and from the country to Gavrio serves the areas:

  • Agios Petros
  • Kypri
  • Batsi
  • Aprovatou
  • Paleopolis
  • Stavropeda
  • Pitrofos
  • Aladinou
  • Crossing of Menites
  • Messaria
  • Koumani
  • Crossing of Lamira
  • Agios Spyridon


Chora, Andros


37.836384210785, 24.937752485275