PebblesShallow waterSuitable for childrenEasy accessAsphalt road accessWindless to the northNo waves on north winds

Agios Kyprianos Beach

The beach with the beautiful chapel

Agios Kyprianos Beach in Andros is a small, very beautiful pebble beach. It takes its name from the chapel of Agios Kyprianos that is located there. It is located a few hundred meters away from the beaches of Kypri and Agios Petros and is a small oasis of tranquility. Also, the beach is not easily caught by the winds, so you may prefer it if you are looking for a calm sea.

Agios Kyprianos Beach – A small oasis

It is a small beach next to the chapel of Agios Kyprianos, which is ideal for natural shade. Sandy spots are limited, so you may find it difficult to put up your umbrella. It is also ideal for mask diving and exploring the very beautiful seabed. The seawater is crystal clear and the seabed can be seen with the naked eye.

In the tavern located there, you will also find showers. There are many beautiful rocks for sunbathing and trees offer shade. The views of the islands across the way and the passing ships of the line are very beautiful. Next to Agios Kyprianos you will also find Kypri.


Kypri, Andros


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