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Achla Beach

One visit, a lifetime experience

Achla beach is one of the most beautiful in Greece

Access to Achla beach from the dirt road

Achla beach is located northeast of the island of Andros, north of Chora, below the village of Vourkoti. It is no coincidence that Achla beach is characterized as one of the most beautiful in Greece. It has some important special features that make it stand out. Approaching the relatively passable dirt road that starts shortly after Vourkoti, you will meet the new Monastery of Agios Mamas.

It was built on the ruins of an old church of 1600 and is part of the Holy Monastery of Agios Nikolaos Andros. Shortly afterwards there is a point high, where the beach is revealed to the eyes of the visitor. The image you see raises the pulse of your heart and overwhelms you with a feeling of impatience. You do not believe what you see. Something makes you want to get down there fast.

Access from the sea

Access to Achla Beach from the sea is in itself a unique experience. The route is very charming as the rocks form caves, islets. The wave breaks and the sea, as if singing, enters and leaves the caves. Starting from the port of Chora in Nimborio, after Gialia, Piso Gialia, Theotokos, then Platanos and you arrived.

On the one hand the land and on the other as far as the eye can see, blue and blue. The seabird Mavropetritis nests on the rock with the small church in Theotokos in September. A rare species of hawk under protection, to breed before embarking on its journey to spend the winter in Madagascar. The rocks have been created by the wave and the rocky islets are visited by gulls.

Approaching Achla beach from the sea as soon as you enter the beautiful closed bay, you will definitely want to dive before you even reach the shore. The beach has fine, white pebbles and sand while the emerald color of the sea is unique and the waters are quiet even with strong winds. At one end is the small church of Agios Nikolaos and at the other end is the imposing lighthouse of Gria. Achla beach is filled with boats, yachts and boats in August.

Achla … something more than a beach!

Achla is not only the beach it is an important habitat with impressive plane trees a stone’s throw from the sea. The Achlas river, one of the 3 big rivers of Andros, flows into Achla beach. Its waters run even in summer until August. The river gushes from the slopes of the mountains of Vourkoti and flows into the Aegean.

A green ravine and a magnificent route in the plane tree forest stretches behind Achla beach. Small waterfalls that end at pedestals offered for swimming, under age-old plane trees, a rare phenomenon in the Cyclades. If you are lucky you will meet freshwater crabs, eels, sea turtles, hares, partridges and rare migratory birds and colorful dragonflies.


Achla, Andros


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